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By Bancroft W. D.

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2004, 6, 2665. Pyridines and their Benzo Derivatives: Structure 2004OL2985 2004SCI1845 2004T10029 2005AGE477 2005AGE1954 2005CEJ6135 2005CEO108 2005CEO139 2005CEO193 2005CEO302 2005CEO551 2005CEJ5889 2005CGD727 2005CGD1041 2005CGD1575 2005CGD1683 2005CGD1767 2005CGD1889 2005EJO162 2005EJO869 2005EJO3801 2005EJO4338 2005EJO4581 2005JA4033 2005JA5490 2005JA9745 2005JOC1993 2005JOC3231 2005JOC9115 2005JPO1013 2005JST(713)245 2005JST(752)68 2005T10242 2005TL2411 2005TL6499 2005TL7187 2006TL181 2006JA637 H.

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Activation by Charcoal by Bancroft W. D.

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